"Inflatable cobblestone" , action of Eclectic Electric Collective in cooperation with Enmedio collective during the General Strike in Barcelona 2012

The Story of the Hungarian Orange from Artur.

"Inflatable Houses at the Red Square". Collection Moscow House of Photography. Photo by Georg Zelma.
"Polo für Arme" by Thomas Feuerstein
Mirroring protest - Ukraine 2014

Collective contemporary painting

"Mosh Pits (Human and Otherwise)", by Dan Witz

Tim Pachikov, 2013
"Roland Garros (Henman)", 2004, by Gianni Motti
Paris, semi-finals of the French-Open Tennis Championships between Tim Henman and Guillermo Coria. The artist sat in the VIP tribune of Paris’ Roland Garros with a bag over his head at the time of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal

"inVeritas", 2011, by Paolo Cirio

"The inVeritas.net platform enables screamers to be generated for all the major Italian newspapers. Everyone should have the right to inform, thus breaking up the monopoly held by the mainstream media in Italy, renowned for their factiousness and systematic servility, and the censorship and manipulation of information. inVeritas gives everyone the chance to speak and disseminate news directly through news-stands across Italy. .”

"Fensterln" from the project Tourist Office, Graz, Michikazu Matsune , 2011
The visitor is invited to look into a bedroom of a local resident.

"Mir fehlt das Meer"("I miss the sea), Vienna, Pablo Chiereghin, 2013
 "The Ruines of the Empire" Gianmaria Gava, 2011.

This work was shot in Tunisia at the beginning of the so called "Arab Spring", right after the former President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali left the country with his family. The wrecked surfaces of former luxury and wealth function as question marks about the relation between the management of power and the responsibility for it.

"Cada día tus ilusiones se cruzan con las nuestras" ciudad Valdeluz, photographie 2011, by Pierre Andrieux

Ciudad Valdeluz is a city on the outskirts of Madrid, boomtown struck by the subprime crisis and housing crisis, called ghost town by the media. The phrase painted by the artist was taken from a Spanish lottery advertising widely visible throughout the city of Madrid.

"Polizei-Wholecar" grafiti from the book “Action Painting: Bringing Art To The Trains
"Depot" use of a Police light-box sign as money deposit. See video. By Leopold Kessler, 2006
"Polizei lügt", from the series „Anschläge“ by Peter Weibel, 1977

"Stazione Mobile" Two Italian Carabinieri crossing borders and operating out of there home country. Performance in Munich, By Aldo Giannotti e Stefano Giuriati, 2006
Little burned police car toy

"Somebody Else ‘s Car" Ögüt transforms two found cars using readymade paper cut outs without requesting the owners’ permission. By Ahmet Öğüt, 2005.
"Polizei Packung Car". Unknown artist, 2013
"Provoking performances, urban intervention and protest are in this acclaimed Brazilian short movie: "Poetic Terror 4: Consolidating The Dissidence" by MaicknucleaR
BOUYEAH!”, mit Emilien Leroy by Jérôme Fino 2012

"Skulptur zur Beförderung der freien Rede / Sculpture to promote the free speach" by Werner Reiterer, 2011. Ein permanentes Projekt für die Gemeinde Hitzendorf - Steiermark / Permenet project for the Hitzendorf municipality - Steiermark

Photoshop work by unknow artist
Bicycle and Flag from '366 liberation rituals' by Igor Grubić

"Liberation ritual against trash", 2008, by Igor Grubic

"Globe. A globe on which only the countries I have visited are visible,"  by Anne Marteoveraa.
“In den Zillertaler Alpen” by Hank Schmidt in der Beek