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 'Project 22, 7 forms measuring 600 x 60 x 60 cm constructed to be held horizontal to a wall' by Santiago Sierra

The work creates a new variation of Santiago Sierra’s most poetic and elemental work, unifying sculpture and performance to create a physical portrait of the labour economy. Hired for the minimum wage, the employees hold monolithic structures on their shoulders for the duration of a working day. They recall the caryatid or atlas figures whose sculpted forms stand as pillars to support the weight of classical architecture.

'Eating Money – An Auction' by Cesare Pietroiusti and Paul Griffiths, 2005-2007

A public auction is held. Participants make offers in amounts of money corresponding to the sum of two bank-notes in euros. The successful bidder gives the two bank-notes to the artists who eat them publicly and promise that, once evacuated, they will be returned to the bidder.

'Inside Lenin's Head' by Kamen Stoyanov.
After standing on Lenin´s former pedestal in for the work Hello Lenin, in 2003, I visited the statue at its current place. Since people in my hometown in Russe, Bulgaria, don´t know, where to put these Communist monuments, Lenin lies down in the area of ones of the City´s plant nurseries.

Food track 2 (Excerpt) by Leopold Kessler. Unauthorized Intervention, Vienna, 2019

Artist is operating as fake delivery rider in Vienna.