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 'Project 22, 7 forms measuring 600 x 60 x 60 cm constructed to be held horizontal to a wall' by Santiago Sierra

The work creates a new variation of Santiago Sierra’s most poetic and elemental work, unifying sculpture and performance to create a physical portrait of the labour economy. Hired for the minimum wage, the employees hold monolithic structures on their shoulders for the duration of a working day. They recall the caryatid or atlas figures whose sculpted forms stand as pillars to support the weight of classical architecture.

"160 Cm Line Tattooed on 4 People", (Linea di 160 cm tatuata su 4 persone) 2000, Santiago Sierra

“Four prostitutes addicted to heroin were hired for the price of a shot of heroin to give their consent to be tattooed. Normally they charge 2,000-3,000 pesetas, between $15-$17 for fellatio, while the price of a shot of heroin is around 12,000 pesetas, about $67.”

"Quattro prostitute dipendenti da eroina sono state pagate il prezzo di una dose di eroina per avere una linea tatuata sulla schiena. Normalmente il prezzo per una fellazio e' di $15-17, mentre il costo di una dose di eroina e' di circa $67"


NO Global Tour - Santiago Sierra

Un grande NO in tour mondiale trasportato da camion dall'Italia alla Germania, dalla Spagna fino al Canada, agli Stati Uniti e al Giappone. "NO" come anti-slogan che si oppone all'opressione, all'ingiustizia e alla censura.
leggi di piu

A big NO touring the world, a work comprising three trucks bearing an oversized three-dimensional sign depicting the exclamation “NO.” As an anti-slogan, NO stands against oppression, injustice, and censorship.
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