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 'Project 22, 7 forms measuring 600 x 60 x 60 cm constructed to be held horizontal to a wall' by Santiago Sierra

The work creates a new variation of Santiago Sierra’s most poetic and elemental work, unifying sculpture and performance to create a physical portrait of the labour economy. Hired for the minimum wage, the employees hold monolithic structures on their shoulders for the duration of a working day. They recall the caryatid or atlas figures whose sculpted forms stand as pillars to support the weight of classical architecture.


'The Column' (trailer of the video installation) by Adrian Paci

The Column is a video installation by Albanian artist Adrian Paci, tracing the epic journey of an immense length of marble, extracted from the ground and taken to sea. En route from China to Italy and over the course of a grand voyage, workers toil to chisel and carve the block of marble into the shape of a classical column. “The concept for The Column was born from this exasperated economic strategy, whereby time must be condensed to the point in which delivery coincides with production… The Column has its roots in a poetic intuition: an idea in search of form will only be able to develop at a distance from its origins, much like commercial goods are increasingly conceived in one place and manufactured in another through the elaborate and methodical exploitation of cheap labour, seen, in this case, on-board sweatshop ships”. —Adrian Paci

'Eating Money – An Auction' by Cesare Pietroiusti and Paul Griffiths, 2005-2007

A public auction is held. Participants make offers in amounts of money corresponding to the sum of two bank-notes in euros. The successful bidder gives the two bank-notes to the artists who eat them publicly and promise that, once evacuated, they will be returned to the bidder.

'WORKS FALL TRUE!' by Ryts Monet, neon sculpture, electrical materials, metal structures, scaffolding,
neon size: 300 x 70 cm,  2020

Installed on scaffolding seven metres above from the ground, against the backdrop of the ruins of one of the circular ramparts of Faganga Castle, the red neon sign echoes the famous phrase by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels taken from the Communist Party poster: WORKERS FROM ALL THE WORLD, UNITE!

During the night or in low light conditions, only a few letters of the inscription light up and the slogan is transformed, bringing out a new meaning on two lines:
T     R   U   E!

This is the first artwork exhibited in a public space by the artist after the first European lock down period March-May 2020, due to COVID-19. The site-specific work was presented in August 2020 on the top of the hill in the medieval village of Fagagna (UD), in Northeast Italy, 50 km from the border with former Yugoslavia.

Food track 2 (Excerpt) by Leopold Kessler. Unauthorized Intervention, Vienna, 2019

Artist is operating as fake delivery rider in Vienna.